Corporate Governance

IR Policy


(Resolved by the Board of Directors on 13.2.2018 )

1. Purpose of the investor relations guidelines

The following sets out the investor relations guidelines of [Elmera Group ASA] (the “Group”).

The purpose of the investor relations guidelines is to:

  •  Ensure that relevant, accurate and timely information is made available to the market as a basis for fair pricing and regular trading of the Group's shares
  • Ensure that the Group is perceived by the capital market as a visible, accessible, reliable and professional company.

This above goals shall be achieved while at the same time observing the rules and legislation for listed companies on Oslo Børs.

2. The role of the investor relations officer

The Group shall appoint one member of the Group’s executive management team who shall be responsible for investor relations (the “Investor Relations Officer”). The Investor Relations Officer will typically be an existing member of the executive management team, who in addition to the person’s normal duties shall also handle investor relations. The Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors shall continuously evaluate the need to hire a full time Investors Relations Officer.

The Investor Relations Officer shall ensure a high and uniform level of information from the Group and ensure that information is channelled back from the share market to the executive management team and the Group’s board of directors (the “Board”). Furthermore, the Investor Relations Officer shall continuously ensure awareness of, and confidence in, the Group's vision, strategy, policies and decisions among participants in the capital markets.

The Group aims to be well known by Norwegian and foreign institutional investors, and shall aim to maintain this position through, inter alia, the following measures:

  • Maintaining a broad coverage by both domestic and foreign equity analysts
  • Ensuring a diversified shareholder base both in terms of investment horizon and geographical location
  • Arranging and participating in regular investor meetings throughout the year
  • Arranging and participating in presentations for investors and equity analysts on relevant topics and contributing to industry conferences

3. Authorised Spokespersons

The following individuals are authorized to communicate with the investment community (including analysts, stockbrokers, individual and institutional shareholders):

  • The Chair of the Board
  • The Investor Relations Officer
  • The Chief Executive Officer
  • The Chief Financial Officer

The following individuals are authorized to communicate with the media in general, unless other instructions are given in specific situations:

  • The Chair of the Board
  • The Investor Relations Officer
  • The Chief Executive Officer
  • The Chief Financial Officer
  • The Officer of HR, Information and Security 

4. Communication and meetings in connection with the publication of quarterly and annual reports

Quarterly and annual reports shall be published through Oslo Børs’ information service and on the Group’s web site, and shall also be presented in a public meeting.

5. Communication with analysts, etc.

5.1 Review of analyst draft reports

When asked to review analyst draft reports, the Investor Relations Officer should limit any reviews and comments to the following:

  • Correcting historical information of a factual nature
  • To a reasonable extent provide and point out information that is already in the public domain
  • Discussing on a general basis the factors which could influence underlying assumptions used for any future projections

5.2 Publication of investor presentations, etc.

All investor presentations and similar documents containing new information of a non-confidential nature will be made available through the Group’s Investor Relations site.