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About Elmera Group

Elmera Group ASA is the parent company in a group of several companies selling counseling, services and computer software to energy companies, power agreements and various products for the low emission society. Customers are end users of electricity in both the consumer and business segments, the wholesale market and also energy companies in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The Group’s head office is located in Bergen. Elmera Group ASA is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE).
Ticker: ELMRA

The Group includes four electricity retail companies, of which three are located in Norway and one in Sweden and Finland. The Group’s subsidiary, Elmera Industrial Ownership AS, is the owner of the following companies: AllRate AS, Steddi Payments AS, Elmera Nordic AS, Gudbrandsdal Energi AS and Energismart Norge AS. In addition, Elmera Industrial Ownership owns 40 % of the software development company Metzum AS.

The Group’s subsidiary, Fjordkraft AS, is the largest electricity retailer in Norway and the owner of TrøndelagKraft AS and Fjordkraft Mobil AS (61 %). 

28 Apr 2022 publisert 12:23

Change of company name

On April 26 the General Meeting passed the resolution of changing the company's name from Fjordkraft Holding ASA to Elmera Group ASA.

Elmera Group ASA (former Fjordkraft Holding ASA) is the ultimate parent company in a diversified business. Fjordkraft AS is a subsidiary of Elmera Group ASA.

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Financial calendar for Elmera Group ASA FINANCIAL YEAR 2022 29.03.2023 - Annual Report 16.02.2023 - Quarterly Report - Q4 FINANCIAL YEAR 2023 17.08.2023 - Half-yearly Report 26.04.2023 - Annual General Meeting 10.05.2023 - Quarterly Report - Q1 02.11.2023 - Quarterly Report - Q3 This information is published pursuant to the requirements set out in the Continuing obligations.
Elmera Group and Telia enters into cooperation on mobile customers
Elmera Group ASA, acting through its wholly owned subsidiary Fjordkraft AS, has entered into a share purchase agreement with Telia Company AB ("Telia"). Fjordkraft AS' mobile business will be demerged to "Fjordkraft Mobil AS", a new limited liability company to be incorporated in Norway, and Telia will purchase 39% of the shares in Fjordkraft Mobil AS. The purchase price will be settled in cash and is estimated to approximately NOK 120 million, which implies an Enterprise Value of NOK 385 million. The final purchase price will be based on number of successfully migrated subscriptions. The agreement with Telia ensures an attractive mobile offering to Fjordkraft's customers. The new five-year contract on mobile services through Telia's network that will be implemented upon completion of the transaction will also contribute to increased profitability in Elmera Group ASA. Fjordkraft Mobil AS will purchase customer service, operations and branding from Fjordkraft AS. The transaction is expected to be completed in Q1 of 2023, and the customer migration will take place in Q2 2023. For further information, please contact: Magnar √ėyhovden, Managing Director, Fjordkraft AS, +47 404 85 180, magnar.oyhovden@fjordkraft.no Henning Nordgulen, Group CFO, +47 952 65 990, henning.nordgulen@elmeragroup.no Morten A. W. Opdal, Head of Group Accounting, Reporting and IR, +47 970 62 526, morten.opdal@elmeragroup.no
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